Pat Testing: Safety Comes First

It is carried out on a run-of-the-mill basis, this depends on the type of environment and kind of appliance e.g. a drill on a building website is at more risk compared PC a good office.

If an evening reception is planned, it is often then how the party atmosphere is wanted so your own ‘floor fillers’ wisely. Ensure you speak on the DJ if there is one present and asking them questions in advance if easy to avoid playing half of the set list before you travel on.

Ok so you’re happy how the DJ has presented themselves but will be one part of a complete mobile disco’. Another part that creates a mobile disco is the equipment, sound & light the DJ is going to use. Lets start with the DJ mixing equipment. The DJ really should have 2 CD players or turntable to ensure the music is mixed live using quite a 2 channel stand mixer. This way the DJ can easily change the genre of music match the masses. The sound equipment should be PAT, which is short Portable appliance testing, so, as is a secure feeling for you that gear will be in good working order. You’ll find nothing worse as opposed to the bass removing during a limited! The same goes for the lighting equipment, it must come with PAT, or you will could wind up dancing in the dark!

The bane of a rocky wedding bands daily. Sound limiters cut the capability the band when a restriction is reached so if there’s an especially loud component of a song it’ll cut all seem to be. Venues often haven’t choice if they should put sound limiters up or but not. It is usually due to complaints from local residents which environmentally friendly Health want to deal with and usually results in them slapping a badly set sound limiter into the venue.

PAT Testing Essex

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On these appliances, suggested recognise that the construction means they safer than conventional Class I metal appliances. As well as an Earth connection, they essentially are enclosed in plastic it is going to an extra layer of safety. The way to carry out PAT Testing on these appliances is to still carry out the Insulation Resistance Look at. If this passes, then record this pass on top of the Equipment Test Record and make up a comment into the effect that the earth Continuity test wasnrrrt able to be tackled due to the plastic enclosure.

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